Britvic's purpose is about making life's everyday moments more enjoyable and we have a clear strategy that is designed to realise our ambition to become the most dynamic, creative and admired soft drinks company in the world. Central to this vision is our understanding that our profitability depends on healthy communities, prosperous economies and the responsible use of natural resources.

Putting these principles into practice means accounting for our most material social and environmental impacts. These material issues have been established through consultation with our stakeholders - learning about the issues of greatest importance to them and plotting these against the output from a business review of the issues of most relevance.

As a leading soft drinks company there are certain social and environmental activities that are particularly important to focus on given the nature of our business, where we operate, with whom we do business, and our global and local stakeholders. These relate to our commitment to educate and encourage healthy lifestyles, working closely with our supply chain to ensure responsible sourcing and address water issues that affect our operations and wider communities.

Beyond this, there are other issues that we are committed to being transparent about, from social impacts such as employee health and safety, human rights and diversity, to environmental impacts such as waste, carbon emissions and packaging.