Educational Resources

Our Online Resources includes tools and resources for schools, teachers and students alike as well as information that may be of interest to families and our customers.

If you require any further information on these resources please email: or for further information about our business or products: please telephone our Consumer Care team on: 0800 0321 767.

Learn about our sustainable business strategy

We’re committed to supporting our customers deliver their sustainability goals.

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Learn about our operations

All of Britvic’s UK factories house a number of production lines that are designed to produce a range of products.

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Learn about our history

The Britvic Education Trust has produced this ‘inside out history of soft drinks’ and tells the story of how the soft drinks industry has developed since Victorian times.

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Historic archive

The Britvic Education Trust is a registered charity set up in 2010 with a remit to tell the story of how the soft drinks industry has developed.

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School resources

Our Max & Millie educational toolkits are designed to help children understand the importance of healthy lifestyles and protecting our planet.

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Media Smart

We support Media Smart, a not-for-profit company that creates free educational materials for schools, youth organisations, teachers and guardians, to help young people think critically about the advertising they come across in their daily lives. The materials use real and current examples of advertising that we're all familiar with to help teach core media literacy skills, as well as help children think critically about advertising in the modern world.

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