Supplier compliance

Our responsible sourcing programme manages compliance to our Ethical Business Policy using two different systems to manage the two different sides of our supply chain:

Direct suppliers - Our direct suppliers are those that provide us with materials that go into the end product, typically ingredients and packaging materials. We use the Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) portal to share information with our direct suppliers and prioritise suppliers for third party ethical audits using the SMETA 4 Pillar audit protocol.

Indirect suppliers - Our indirect suppliers are those that provide us with goods and services. We have a complex indirect supply chain made up of over 2,300 suppliers and have linked up with the CIPS (Chartered Institute for Procurement & Supply) to help us manage the risks associated with these suppliers. We have developed the Indirects Supplier Portal to monitor compliance against factors including finance, insurance and tax (FIT), health and safety and data security credentials. In addition to this we have also implemented the CIPS Sustainability Index, adding additional checks in relation to sustainability.