Calorie reduction

Excessive consumption of calories has been linked to health issues such as obesity and diabetes. Key to leading a healthy lifestyle is balancing the amount of calories we put into our bodies with the amount of energy we use.

Calories in our drinks predominantly comes from the use of sugar, be that fructose, glucose, sucrose or lactose (more information here).

Public Health authorities recommend reducing the amount of added sugars in our diets and we are proud of the significant steps we have taken already in actively reducing the calorie count across our portfolio, providing people with transparent information. Jane Ellison, UK Public Health Minister recently said she was encouraged to see us listening to and supporting our customers in the approach towards healthy lifestyles. Since 2012 our actions, such as the removal of full sugar Fruit Shoot and Robinsons and the reformulation of brands such as J20 and Drench, have led to an annualised 19 billion calorie reduction across our portfolio. In line with our Fruit Shoot core range, both Hydro and My5 contain 'no added sugar' now too. No added sugar, low and zero calorie products featured strongly in many launches across our international markets.