Schools business partnership

Schools’ Business Partnership
The Schools’ Business Partnership (SBP) is a Business in the Community Ireland (BITCI) initiative that aims to develop mutually beneficial links between local businesses and schools. Britvic Ireland is involved with the Skills @ Work, Student Mentoring and Management Excellence for Principals programmes under the Schools’ Business Partnership umbrella.

  • Skills @ Work

    The Skills @ Work programme is designed especially for fifth and sixth year pupils who may be at risk of dropping out of education. Our Ballygowan plant in Newcastle West, Co. Limerick is twinned with nearby Desmond College to provide students with first-hand insight into life in the workplace. The relationship is now in its sixth year so Ballygowan employees are welcome, familiar faces at Desmond College where they provide CV workshops and interview tips. The students also visit the Ballygowan plant to see the many opportunities that exist there and this tour often has a motivating effect on the students. For employees, the Skills @ Work programme provides an opportunity to enhance and develop presentation skills and recognises the importance of different staff roles within the company.
  • Student Mentoring
    The Mentoring programme encourages students who are at risk of leaving school early to continue with their studies with the advice of a mentor from a local business. Six Newcastle West employees have begun to mentor fourth and fifth year students from Desmond College and they will meet for an hour every month over a 16-month period. The mentors will provide support by discussing career options, networking on behalf of the students, researching college choices and much more! The business benefits of the programme are improved reputation in the local community, a better-skilled local workforce from which to draw future employees and improved staff morale and motivation stemming from involvement in Student Mentoring.