Water stewardship

Federation House Commitment Site Review

Britvic signed up to support the Federation House Commitment (FHC) in 2010 and are committed to driving water efficiency and minimising water use throughout our operations, wherever possible.

During 2012 FHC undertook assessments of our GB manufacturing sites to identify water saving opportunities and over the past year we have actioned a number of the recommendations.

Our Leeds site, for example, has successfully reduced water ratio (the amount of water used to produce 1 litre of product) year on year over the last decade. Initiatives that have led to this improvement include rinse water re-use and pump seal water recycling:

  • The rinse water project has saved 1.8 million litres of water per year and reduced the amount of water required to make our products by 14%. These savings have been achieved by collecting the water used to rinse the bottles prior to filling and using this within our pasteurizer to maintain the correct temperature. Previously we had used water straight from the mains in the pasteurizer, so by using the rinse water we no longer needed this supply which equated to 3m³ per hour.
  • The pump seal project recirculates the water in the vacuum pump on the production line. This unit uses approximately 1.5m³ of water per hour, so through water recycling, we expect to save 3500m³ of water annually, which is equivalent to more than one Olympic sized swimming pool.

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