Waste management

All our sites have active waste management programmes in place which aim at eliminating waste in the first instance and optimising recycling/re-use disposal options.

Recycling at Rugby

Through local partnerships and collaboration with suppliers, our Rugby factory - which makes some of the UK’s best loved drinks, including Pepsi, Tango and Fruit Shoot My 5 now sends no waste to landfill, only incineration (and that reduced by 11% last year). All waste is now sent for re-use, recycling or recovery by:

  • Converting dry waste into Waste Derived Fuel. Once waste has been segregated at site, the remaining dry, non-recyclable waste is taken off site and turned into Waste Derived Fuel (shredded to a specified size and any metals removed).
  • Reusing surplus sugar in the production process as feed for farm animals. Product is collected on site then sent to local manufacturers of FEMAS accredited animal feeds which supply farms all over the country.
  • Donating spilt dry sugar. Britvic has supported our local Bee-Keepers Association by giving them spilt dry sugar to feed their apiaries over winter.
  • Recycling wooden crates, plastic and steel drums. Steel and plastic drums collected at site are reconditioned if required and then resold as second hand drums. Used wooden pallets are collected by a second hand pallet dealer for re-use and any broken ones go for recycling.
  • Sending waste from the staff canteen to a local AD Plant. Local Anaerobic Digestion facilities take our food-waste and use microorganisms to break-down the foods and produce Methane Gas. This gas is used to power generators that feed power into the national grid – this in turn generates an income.
  • Britvic also has a ‘Just do it’ culture that encourages a raft of employee-led initiatives, focused on energy efficiency and reducing waste.

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