Energy efficiency

Resource Efficiency Programme

In 2013, Britvic embarked on a new programme, in partnership with PepsiCo, looking at how we manage energy, water and waste processes to reduce costs and minimise our environmental impacts. Our GB manufacturing sites, Beckton and Rugby, were selected to trial the programme with the intention to roll out across all Group sites at a later date. Leeds and Norwich manufacturing sites have also been incorporated.

The programme firstly focuses on optimising the efficiency of energy and water usage at site and then secondly looks to identify opportunities for further improvement through new technology. Key focus areas have been boilers, combustion, compressors and refrigeration. At Rugby, we have successfully reduced low pressure air from 7.5 bar to 6.4 bar over the past six months through this targeted approach.

The programme to date has been a huge success, achieving significant savings across both sites and standardising the way we measure and report our resource use. We have developed a maturity model and associated scorecard in which to measure and monitor our performance. In 2014 we won the Global Centre of Excellence Award

Cool Refrigeration Equipment

We pride ourselves in our approach to supplying our customers with the very best refrigeration equipment whilst also ensuring that the environmental impacts associated with such equipment is kept to a minimum.

Over the past year we have undertaken numerous activities in support of our climate change ambitions including:

  • Purchasing no open fronted chillers last year
  • All new purchases have been hydrocarbon chillers only
  • Retiring our most inefficient coolers early
  • Removing open deck high energy use chillers from our sales portfolio

These initiatives have resulted in 8379 Tonnes of CO2 saved from our coolers, 2451 tonnes of CO2 avoided from our vending machines and a saving of 2880 tonnes of CO2 from our chillers. This equates to an impressive total saving of 13,710 tonnes of CO2 in 2013, equivalent to taking nearly 2,500 cars off the road!

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