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Relying on a strong policy of innovation and iconic brands, Britvic France is a leader in a number of market categories such as syrups, organic fruit juice and soft drinks for children.

Teisseire, iconic brand of French heritage, is the number 1 for syrup and number 3 for Refreshing Drinks Without Alcohol in France. In existence for almost 300 years, this brand is widely known and shows a recognition rate of 98%.

Moulin de Valdonne, number 2 in syrups category in France and number 1 in authentic syrups, is growing tremendously thanks to a collection of authentic syrups ranging from classic flavours to the most subtle scent associations.

Within the fruit juice category, Britvic France also displays its dynamism in innovation with its two brands, Fruité and Pressade. Pressade, leader of organic fruit juices, achieves the best growth of any fruit juice market.

Within recent years, Fruit Shoot has become the preferred brand of children's beverages in France. Fruit Shoot brand aims to support children in learning a healthy and active lifestyle by encouraging them participate in fun, adventurous activities. 

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