There’s a fine line between genius and madness. The genius of Taylor to be one of the first in Ireland to create carbonated lemonade in 1888, and the madness of Keith to insist that it should be Red.

A Red Lemonade that uniquely blends real craft and quality with great fun and refreshment– all in one soft drink. Sure where else would you get it?

Nowhere– because TK Red Lemonade is a true Irish Original like lovin’ the GAH, hang sandwiches or calling a cupboard a press...
Don’t bother trying to explain it. It’s Ours. You just knock it back and enjoy every mouthful..


Available in Red Lemonade, White Lemonade and Orange.

Formats include – 2Litre, 1.25L and a 500ml Red variant.

Interesting facts

TK is one of Irelands oldest and best loved brands and TK Red Lemonade has iconic status.