Club Orange

Club Orange is Ireland's number one orange carbonate and it is one of the country's most successful indigenous brands.

Club was originally developed in the 1930s by expert syrup maker, Oliver Grace. Unlike competitors, Grace insisted that the whole of the orange should be used, including the juice, pith and the rind. This unique idea was an instant success as people loved the delicious combination of sweet orange juice and real fruit 'bits'. The brand has grown from strength to strength over the decades and today Club is the one of the top 20 brands in the country, as measured by Nielsen in the Checkout Top 100 brands publication.


Club is the 3rd biggest carbonated soft drink in Ireland. Club Orange operates within the citrus sector of the soft drinks market, where it occupies a strong number one position. The brand is bought by one in every four households in the Republic of Ireland.

Product Info

The Club range has always been renowned for its superior taste and texture (the 'bits') and the range now includes a variety of flavours: Orange, Rock Shandy, Lemon and Apple. Club also includes a recently re-formulated Club Diet range.

The Club range comes in a variety of pack formats - PET, glass bottles, cans and in both single unit or multipack formats, satisfying both in home and out of home consumption occasions.

Brand Values

The Club brand is most renowned for its taste, its juicy bits and its quirky Irish humour.

Interesting facts

  • The name Club Orange came from the the favourite haunt of the then Managing Director of C&C - the Kildare Club. In paying homage to this place, the Club brand was born.
  • The latest Club digital campaign, 'the Best Bits in the World', achieved over 1 million global You Tube hits.

Where you can get it

Club Orange can be purchased across the Island of Ireland in a number of channels: Takehome Grocery, Convenience and Independants, Food Service and Leisure and Licensed.