Club Mixers

Club Mixers have a long history in the Irish market, dating back to 1852. The range includes tonic water, slim tonic water, white lemonade, ginger ale and soda water. The range was re-designed and re-packaged in 2011 to offer a much improved consumer offering. The new packaging dials up the brand's heritage and its effervescence in a modern and contemporary way.


In the Grocery Market, Club Mixers sit within the mixers category and occupies a number three position in this sector. The mixers category in Grocery is showing growth in the short, medium and long term.

This is being driven by increased in-home consumption of spirits and mixers, which offer good value, choice and variety for a wide range of in-home occasions. Club Mixers occupy the number two position in the on-trade market.

Product Info

The Club Mixers range includes: Club Tonic Water, Club Slim Tonic Water, Club Soda Water, Club White Lemonade, Club Ginger Ale, Club Bitter Lemon.

Where you can get it

Club Mixers can be purchased in the Island of Ireland across a number of channels: Takehome Grocery, Convenience & Independents, Food Service & Leisure and Licensed.


Britvic Ireland teamed up with the Licensed Vintners Association (LVA) to deliver improved customer value when purchasing Club Mixers in the on-trade through the 220ml Club Mixers pack. This proposition offers the consumer one 220ml Mixer for the price of the existing 113ml Mixer pack. This pack is enough to mix two drinks hence bringing down the cost of two drinks significantly.

Interesting facts

Club was the first brand to produce Ginger Ale and Club Soda.