C&C Lemonades are unique to Northern Ireland and have delivered the same great taste and quality to local consumers since 1852, with over 160 years of experience. The C&C range includes longterm flavours such as White and Brown Lemonade.


C&C is an iconic trusted brand with a long history that still offers everyday value.

Brand values

Bringing fun to Life. The brand has exciting, vibrant and colourful packaging that represents a bright, fizzy, fun look, in other words, the packaging declares that it is PARTY TIME!


C&C Lemonade has a long history – it is a firm favourite of children and adults alike – often being the central refreshment at key events in ones childhood. The brand offers a range of refreshing flavours, which are commonly perceived as the best in its category. The C&C name communicates quality you can trust for your family.

Interesting facts

C&C Lemonade is over 160 years old.