Robinsons launch ‘fruit drop’: a doorstep delivery service to help families drink more water

16 Feb 2017

New research shows*:

  • Majority of adults & children aren’t drinking enough fluids
  • Parents notice a positive change in their child’s behaviour when they drink the recommended amount
  • Children copy the drinking habits of their parents, making it all the more crucial for them to lead by example

Family favourite Robinsons is piloting a new home delivery service ‘Fruit Drop’ to help families #EnjoyMoreWater, after finding 85% of a cross section of UK adults reported they drink less than the recommended 8 glasses of fluid.1

It’s not only adults who struggle to drink enough; 72% of 5-12 year olds don’t drink the recommended intakes of fluid2 and 47% of parents worry their children don’t drink enough water during the day.

The monthly squash delivery service follows in the footsteps of vegetable and cooking boxes, and provides a convenient way to ensure the family enjoys drinking more water.

With real fruit in every drop of Robinsons, and no added sugar, a month long supply of the diluting fruit squash is being delivered straight to homes every month, with a range of fruity flavours to try.

The benefits of drinking more water are well documented and this latest survey shows that 49% of the parents asked notice a positive change in their child’s behaviour if they’re drinking enough fluid; remarking their child has more energy (30%), concentration (29%), motivation (21%) and ability to engage (19%).

Robinsons’ research of 1019 parents across the UK during the January health-kick also reveals the extent to which children’s drinking habits are influenced by their parent’s choices with 66% of parents say their children copy their healthy drinking habits when they choose to drink water, herbal tea or low/no added sugar squash, giving a real reason to lead by example.

Consultant Dietitian, Helen Bond says, “Although water is the best drink to stay refreshed, it's not the only source, or even tastiest source, of refreshment. As well as feeling thirsty, the taste, colour, flavour and temperature of drinks is what often encourages us to drink more often. So, one of the easiest ways to make sure you and your family are consuming adequate intakes of water is to drink from a variety of different sources.

Different tastes provided by drinks such as no added sugar squash, can make drinking water enjoyable for both adults and children. Our bodies are made up of about 50-60% water, so staying refreshed is important in helping our brain and bodies function well - whatever age you are!”

GB Marketing Director for Britvic, Kevin McNair, remarks: “At Robinsons, we’re always encouraging families to drink more water. This research shows the very real benefits of staying hydrated and of parents leading by example with healthy hydration habits. 61% of parents say it is easier to get their child to drink water when it is mixed with squash, and so we hope the launch of ‘Fruit Drop’ inspires families to enjoy more water.”

The service will initially be trialled via the Mumsnet, the UK’s largest network for parents. To find out more go to

Robinsons are also giving parents a chance to win ‘Thirsty Fun Days’ with 100,000 prizes including fun days out for the family.

Notes to Editors

*Research carried out by Opinium between 13-19th of Jan, 1019 online interviews with UK parents of children aged 5-12

1 BNF 8 glasses guidelines:

2 Natural Hydration Council:

Information on Fruit Drop

Helping families in the UK to enjoy more water is one of Robinsons’ main priorities. The initial Fruit Drop pilot is taking place via Mumsnet to assess interest and take-up of a convenient home delivery service. Robinsons are looking to make life easier for parents, and this convenient home delivery service reflects the way in which we shop today.

Robinsons will be collating results and feedback from the pilot to inform their overall strategy.

100 Mumsnet users will sign up to receive a wooden crate with:

  • Robinsons Orange and Pineapple Single Concentrate 1l
  • Robinsons Peach Fruit & Barley Single Concentrate 1l
  • Robinsons Lemon & Grapefruit Single Concentrate 1l
  • Squash’d Orange 66ml
  • Squash’d Apple and Blackcurrant 66ml
  • Squash’d Summer Fruits 66ml

The pilot will last for one month. Anyone interested in trialling can head to for more information.

Britvic approach to creating healthier choices:

  • As an industry leader on health, we’ve taken bold steps to help consumers make healthier choices. Through reformulation and innovation, we have removed 19bn calories from our portfolio since 2012 on an annualised basis.
  • As a result of these actions, 68% of our current volumes contain less than 5g/100ml or are exempt from the proposed sugar tax. This is our current position, not our target for 2018, made possible by decisions we made as a company long before the sugar levy was proposed.
  • Looking ahead, our innovation pipeline is weighted heavily towards no and low sugar.

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