The business at a glance

We manufacture, market and sell both Britvic and PepsiCo brands in GB and Ireland, supported by dedicated commercial teams in both countries. In France, we manufacture, market and sell our own category-leading brands, as well as supplying private label juice and syrups. On 30 September 2015, we completed the acquisition of Brazilian soft drinks company Ebba, which manufactures and sells the two leading liquid dilutable brands, Maguary and Dafruta, and has a growing presence in the ready to drink nectar category. Internationally, we work primarily in partnership with local companies through franchise, distribution or licensing arrangements to exploit the global potential of our kids, family and adult brands. In the USA, we have agreements with a number of Pepsi bottlers. We also export Britvic products around the world and are a significant player in the travel sector. Our brands and innovations are built on the quality of our insight and understanding of the soft drinks markets in which we operate. 

We have a strong track record in innovation and our dedicated technical and consumer innovation teams are at the forefront of identifying consumer trends and new technologies to ensure that we deliver products that meet consumers’ evolving needs. Our marketing teams ensure that our brands are front of mind for our consumers. We are committed to building sustainable relationships with all our partners, from suppliers of raw materials through to the customers who sell our brands. We have developed an operating model which is based on the principles of simplicity, focus and accountability, to ensure we are cost-efficient and effective and can invest in the growth opportunities. All of this allows us to deliver value to our shareholders, our customers and partners, the consumers who buy our brands, the communities in which we operate and to our employees.

Britvic around the world