Our approach

We believe that all of our drinks can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet and a healthy active lifestyle, but we also recognise that as a leading British soft drinks producer, we have a role to play in encouraging people to live healthier lifestyles.

That’s why it is important that we provide our consumers with a wide choice of soft drinks, including low calorie and low and no added sugar options.We have also pledged to take a leading role in the soft drinks industry in inspiring and enabling people to make informed choices to live healthier and more active lives.

Working in partnership with Government and through our own initiatives, we are proud of the significant steps we have taken in providing greater choice for consumers, actively reducing the calorie count across our portfolio, providing transparent information and marketing our drinks responsibly.


Providing a wide choice

Ensuring consumers have access to a wide choice of soft drinks that suit their lifestyles is key to our approach, and we offer a variety of regular and alternative options. In the last two years, we have launched Tango Orange Sugar Free, a sugar free variant of Tango Orange, and J2O Spritz, a lower calorie, sparkling version of J2O in GB.

In Ireland, we launched MiWadi 0% Sugar – a no sugar variant of MiWadi and the first dilute in the Irish market with 0% Sugar, Ballygowan Sparklingly Fruity, a range of flavoured soft drinks made with Ballygowan water and low in calories and sugar, and Club Zero, a no added sugar variant of Club Orange, which removed 169,000kg of sugar from the Irish soft drinks market.

Supporting a more transparent labelling system

As part of our commitment to help consumers make informed choices, we are pleased to be one of the first British companies to support the Government’s voluntary front of pack labelling scheme. This scheme is designed to help consumers make more informed choices about the products they select through a clearly defined colour coded labelling system. Over the last 18 months, we have implemented this hybrid scheme (colour coding and percentages towards Reference Intake’s) on the majority of our GB products, and in a monochrome format for our Irish products..

Committed to calorie reduction

We have made significant progress in terms of reducing the calorie content in a number of our brands. For example, we were the first soft drinks company in the UK to introduce Stevia to our portfolio, which resulted in an average calorie reduction of 31% in our Juicy Drench brand, and since then, 36% in Lipton Ice Tea and 90% in SoBe V Water, which we produce under license from PepsiCo. We have also recently taken the decision to stop producing and selling added-sugar Fruit Shoot and Robinsons squash in the UK, which is the equivalent of removing more than 9 billion calories from the UK soft drinks market.

Helping promote active lifestyles

In line with our marketing to children policy, we ensure that marketing campaigns aimed at children and families promote active lifestyles. For example, our Fruit Shoot Active Skills campaign, which ran until 2014, encouraged more than 500,000 kids across the UK to learn or practice an active skill, such as skateboarding and street dance.

The brand now sponsors Mini Mudders, which are unique obstacle courses specially designed for children. Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder events are being held across the UK, Ireland and US to inspire children to enjoy activity.

Determined to do more – our strategic priorities

We are proud of what we have achieved so far but intend to go even further. As part of our ambitions for our 2020 health strategy, we are proud to say we have committed to:

  • Reducing the average number of calories consumed per serve by 20% and ensuring 60% of new products will be lower - sugar or nutritionally enhanced drinks
  • Increasing access to, and understanding of, nutrition information by clearly displaying the calorie content per serve on the front of packs
  • Helping encourage more active lifestyles by enabling 20 million families to play together
  • Applying a responsible marketing code