Fruit juices 

Our soft drinks provide consumers with a sense of enjoyment and that’s why we are proud to offer a wide range of expertly blended drinks using high quality ingredients from top suppliers across the world.


Fruit juices have the following classifications:

Freshly Squeezed Juice:

Fruits are picked; the juice is extracted from the fruit and used immediately or packed and delivered to retailers within 24 hours. These juices must be kept refrigerated and have a shelf-life of not more than 14 days.

Fruit Juice from Concentrate:

Fruits are picked and the juice is extracted. The water content of the juice is then reduced (by evaporation) in the country of origin. The concentrated juice is usually frozen and shipped to the desired country for packing.

The concentrate must then be reconstituted by adding back the water removed and any flavours lost during the concentration process must also be restored.

Fruit juice not from concentrate:

Fruits are picked and the juice is extracted in the country of origin.The juice is lightly pasteurised and frozen, chilled or aseptically transported to the country for packing.

The sweetener steviol glycoside, often referred to as “stevia” was approved for use in foods and beverages throughout the EU in November 2011.

It originates in the leaves of the plant Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni, which belongs to the chrysanthemum family and is native to Paraguay.

In a process similar to steeping tea, the dried stevia leaves are soaked in water to unlock the best-tasting, sweet substance found in the leaf, and then it’s purified. Many other natural ingredients are commonly extracted in a similar way, including vanilla, almond, ginger, spearmint, pistachio and cinnamon.

Stevia extracts are usually 200 -300 times sweeter than sugar, but contain virtually no calories.